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Friday, September 30, 2005


Hey friends! I´m leaving Granada on this Sunday, probably no access to Internet in my remaining trip. (There´s a little hope in Malaga, but it´ll the last two days...) see you all later!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


yes, i´ve changed my plan a little bit. it is final, since have booked all the hostels...

2Oct Granada --> Jaén
3Oct Jaén (Ubeda y Baeza)
4Oct Jaén --> Cordoba
5Oct Cordoba
6Oct Cordoba
7Oct Cordoba --> Ronda
8Oct Ronda
9Oct Ronda --> Malaga
10Oct Malaga
11Oct Malaga --> London
12Oct London --> Hong Kong

todo los dias...

Estoy cansada todo los dias, despues de los clases de flamenco. pero, me gustan muchissimo mis clases, español tambien. he hecho tango esta semana, me gusta mucho.

haha....i like Granada, i met Miho, Omar, and Agnes on the first day I arrive... i like them so much!! they are very nice and funny. though Miho and Agnes have gone now, I also get to know some new people in my school. Very nice people indeed...though, if you have attended in these schools you will know....seems a little bit strange that, all people i meet i know we will just know for one or two weeks....though it´s really nice to meet different people n glad to hv such experience in my life....just feel strange, but make me treasure all of you i had already developed a kind of ´deep´ friendships.....

It seems i can speak better English now. maybe more obliged to speak well, as a girl studied a year in Edinburgh, than all those from Germany or some other parts of Europe.....Tambien, thinking about Rosie and Peter, hope both of them are safe in their trips.......

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Vale, es todo en Barcelona. voy á ir á Granada a las diez de la noche. (GMT20:00) creo que no me gusta mucho barcelona...quizas. ó, es problema de...estoy (missing) Edimburgo y Hongkong...

My spanish still isn´t that good! but the problem is in Granada not that many ppl can speak English....but it´ll be a good practice to me...haha. Started to miss Barcelona? Seriously, not really. Personally prefer the southern cities more, but quite enjoy meeting different people here in Barcelona.

Mí amigos, hasta pronto! voy a volver en Hong Kong en 13 Oct a las seis de la tarde. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


just finished booking the tickets to granda and the hostel for the first nite...yu....

hving a week to rest and do some revision. Spanish is still difficult to me. hope can speak more and be able to understand more then. looking forward to the flamenco course.

had a extraño dream last nite...thus, he estado casado hay! wahahaha.....wahahahahahaha......hope havn´t make any grammetical mistake.

Made a paella last nite....poor Robin was the white mice...too salty, serious, though tastely, wahahha....hope he´s still ok today... not poisoned by my salty paella....

Still missing edinburgh....

Just passed a very fab week in Barcelona, enjoyed lovely tapas and great food! The city is great, though still like Andalucia more...and, most importantly, still missing Edinburgh and all of you there.....

Saturday, September 03, 2005

a hello from Barcelona

Just hv a chance to pop into an internet cafe...actually got computers in school, but the only 2 computers need to entertain all students (I guess more tahn 150) students in the school, so...actually can only check mail...not even reply all the mails. yet, since it costs to get only, so just writing my life here for all. (actually got records in my computer, in chinese...maybe upload later when i back to HK.)

This week is quite boring, living with 4 Germans -- they are actually very nice, but the problem is some of them not very good in English, so when they get together they "hablar en" German, not English....so, getting bored. Went out with them one nite, there are some nice pubs near the port, very fab.

The progress of Spanish is satisfactory, the teacher is good, with good classmates....again, mostly German. Yet, I´m going to live with a german girl next week, who used to live in London, hope can get better. Now can manage to understand some Spanish, but still not yet able to speak well.

Conquered quite a number of sights already, hehe. I like the buildings by Gaudi very much!!! and they got a very nice national museum. :) Still quite worried about not having enough euro, so keep using credit card everytime in supermarket, hehe. but the situation is better now, jsut the problem is things in barcelona is quite expensive -- not really cheaper than in Edinburgh, so looking forward to hv a better life in Andalucia.

Still really thanks to my flatmates...the first two days i just kept myself in my room in felt very unhappy and missing Edinburgh and UK (well, I´m missing Marks and Spencer!!= very much. now is much better after the night we went out. so....muchas gracious mi amigos.

DO write some emails to me when you have time my friends, i´m desperately looking forward to hearing from all of you :)